Introduction: Last years it is being paid great attention to increasing quality of higher education on the basis 
of  modern  requirements,  applying  modern  pedagogical  and  information  technologies  for  educational  progress.  In 
particular, duty  of “Improving efficiency and quality of activity of higher educational establishments on the basis of 
pre-establishing  international  standards of estimation of  quality of education and teaching” (The decree № PF-4947,  
№ 6, article 70, 2017) in Strategy of actions for the Further Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan was appointed 
and nowadays improvement of didactic provision about it gains a paramount importance.  


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Maqolada talaba psixologik yetukligining aspekitlaridan biri bo`lgan ijtimoiy inteliktni natijalarini o`rganish tahlil qilingan.

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  Ushbu maqola talaba yoshlarning psixologik yetuklik masalalariga bag`shlangan.

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