The Using of Content Expression and Membership Forms in Literary Education Programs

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O'qituvchini uzluksiz kasbiy rivojlantirishda shaxsga asoslangan o'qitish (Person-based learning)ning mohiyati

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The article describes the professional standard of the general secondary school teacher, its structural classification, components, studied scientific research analysis, and the importance of the modern approach of P5BL, which serves to ensure the introduction of the professional standard.

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The article discusses the use of forms of membership in ensuring the continuity of literary education, improving the quality and effectiveness of teaching literature, the importance of important factors that ensure membership. Literary education programs, the characteristics of students in the educational stages, the attitude to literary education and the factors of organizing literature lessons are also studied. Important forms of membership include gradual presentation of topics, integration of curricula, modular linkages, integration programs, and interdisciplinary linkages.

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This article deals with the pedagogical aspects of teaching literature, the pedagogical and psychological basis of the adoption of fiction, thought processes, the types and characteristics of the analysis of fiction in ensuring the continuity, continuity of literary education, ensuring consistency between textbooks.

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Acquiring new knowledge, applying it in practice, and solving problems that arise in the process of education are one of the main tasks of a pedagogue in modern educational conditions, so it is necessary to keep up with the times and constantly improve his scientific and pedagogical skills. The teacher's professional development, work on himself, in a certain sense, this is inextricably linked to the content expectations expressed in the process of professional development. Pedagogical-psychological research of teachers' hopes and expectations from continuous professional development in the professional development system as a source of scientific research has a modest position. Therefore, this article reflects on the subjective expectations of the teacher, which are the object of increasing motivation and ensuring effectiveness.

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In the educational environment, teaching students to understand, perceive, analyze, rather than convey ready-made knowledge; rather than memorizing concepts, rules, increasing attention to the formation of a valuable attitude; inculcate the benefits of working in a team rather than acting alone; rather than control, it is more and more observed to create problem situations, to create conditions for applying knowledge in practice. This article discusses problem-based learning as one approach that ensures that such an environment is created.

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Problems of Implementation of Teacher Professional Standards in Practice

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Funksional savodxonlikni shakllantiruvchi topshiriqlarga qo'yiladigan talablar

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